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Two themes have recently attracted the attention of media and social networks in the Middle East. The first is the trend towards a gradual restoration of Arab relations with the Syrian government.

The second is the role of Russia in the region.

The first is indicated by the resumption of the work of the UAE and Bahrain diplomatic missions in Damascus, the opening of official borders with Jordan, the restoration of air links with a number of capitals, etc.

Since the beginning of the crisis in the Syrian Arab Republic, almost 8 years ago, a number of countries have supplied financial, material and other support for the various opposition groups and intervention attempt in order to overthrow the legitimate power of Damascus. Under pressure from these forces, Syria’s membership in the regional organization – the League of Arab States – was frozen.

And this is despite the fact that Damascus was the initiator and center for decades, bursting with the ideas of pan-Arabism. They were perceived as an instrument for asserting a national community against the challenges of ethno-sectarian disunity by the governments of the states formed in the Middle East.

These ideas have, at various times, served the cause of joint actions to defend the political and economic interests of Arab countries in the region and on the world stage, against the domination of the West, etc.

The events of the crisis in Syria have shown that the intentions of the opponents of Damascus have failed. This is evidenced by the return of government control over its territory and the defeat of terrorist groups, as recognized by prominent Saudi journalist Ahmed Al-Faraj.

At the same time, rocking the boat of the Syrian statehood created a boomerang effect on those who had contributed to it from the outside. Rather than bringing them dividends, it shattered stability, poisoned the atmosphere in the Middle East and increased the fragility of relations between the Arab regimes. The influence of Turkey and Iran has been amplified in the Arab world.

A number of local newspaper headlines sound like a call to speed up Syria’s return to the ranks of the Arabs. “Syria-to Arabs: change and come to Damascus” (Al-Manar),

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