19-02-19 05:32:00,

by Le yéti and translated by Le Saker Francophone

The explosion of hysteria that struck the ruling class in the aftermath of Act 14 shows that the Yellow vests are scoring decisive points.

Everything, they have tried everything, but none of the scare tactics they used to cast anathema and discredit on their opponents will have worked. The demonization of the Yellow Vests accused in November of being under the influence of the extreme right – failed! The stigmatization of the supposed violence of the bad Yellow vests – failed! The attempt to introduce the venom of the migratory problem on the roundabouts – failed!

The auditory hallucination of Benjamin Griveaux

Today, taking advantage of the fact that Alain Finkielkraut has been harassed [when he was passing by a group of Gilet jaunes, NdT], they tried with the usual anti-Semitism accusation, failed too! But yes, yeaaaah, Benjamin Griveaux, Macron’s spokesman, is screaming, we can hear it at the 22nd second of the video, we clearly hear the attackers shouting “dirty Jew!”, “dirty Jew!”!

It seems that Griveaux was probably under the influence of tinnitus [parasitic noises that a person hears without them really existing, editor’s note], because no one heard anything of the kind, not even the victim, present on the spot, who admitted not having heard any infamous “dirty Jew” in the mouths of his attackers. On the other hand, “Zionist bastard”, yes, he heard it, and very clearly… except that the person concerned deserve it! Simply listen to what Alain Finkielkraut said about the children of Gaza in June 2007, listen carefully:

Did you hear it well? Palestinian children in Gaza “who have no place in that world” are the result of an “unbridled production of surplus men”. You see, with this level of crap, it’s surprising that our “academician” has ONLY been subjected to verbal aggression.

Gérard Larcher’s stroke

There is one thing that people in power must understand, including those of the left-wing opposition who are feeling offended by insults uttered against this “academician” of TV sets: when the people’s anger overflows, it does not take gloves (or maybe boxing gloves).

This is something that the Senate Speaker, Gérard Larcher, felt very well,

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