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25-02-19 10:35:00,

“If 100% of the population were vaccinated, there would be no disease.”That appears to be the implied and I’ll say baseless motivation behind the legislative efforts to induce or coerce people to think that they should give up their option to refuse vaccine administration to their children.Of course it’s not baseless. They are beating the ‘We Must Vaccinate’ drum like there’s no tomorrow.Except that there is, and will always be one.

Such is the subtext that is unfolding in the state of Washington after a late-January measles outbreak in Portland led to several cases in Vancouver (Clark County), across the Columbia River to the north, to which Gov. Jay Inslee declared a public health emergency for reasons of “vaccine hesitancy”.

Del Bigtree, producer of the film “Vaxxed” covers talking points with local TV reporter.

Interesting term, “vaccine hesitancy”. I’d use the words legitimate reason, common sense, overwhelming evidence that something is not as it should be.

Not only are legislators maintaining a blind eye to the ample evidence, and dismissing a parent’s natural instinct to protect their children, they (or those who are urging them on) are systematically attempting to establish their authority to dictate to the public what is or is not permissible to disagree on.

As of February 21, almost one month after the outbreak, 63 people in Clark and King County had contracted measles (44 under 10 years of age with one 50 years of age). This group represents less than 0.03% of a population of roughly 231,200 people, the response for which is estimated to be over $1 million.

My question is why?

Since the large majority ~not all ~ of the cases were “unvaccinated” children, state law conjurers have elected to make this the reason to attempt to take away parents’ options to use “philosophical grounds” as a reason to refuse to allow vaccinations on their children.

Standing behind “science” is a weak attempt to marginalize this fundamental truth.

While a parent’s power of non-consent is inalienable and inviolate, there remains a very clear effort to have the public believe that the state has some power or right to force them to do something that is against,

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