Assassinations, Mass-Shootings, and False-Flag Terrorism: Ole Dammegard on Resolving Reality

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This is video episode 7, and I’m speaking to Ole Dammegard – a specialist subject researcher and author in areas such as false-flag operations, state-sponsored terrorism, and top political assassinations.

Ole wrote 2 sensational and highly-respected books on the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palme in 1986, called “Coup d’Etait in Slow Motion – Volumes 1 and 2”.

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Music: Resolving Reality. Images: Resolving Reality; ElasticComputerFarm, Pexels, Marcus Trapp and WikiImages (PixabayDotCom), 1000logosDotNet, NovinkyDotCz, and TruthMoveDotOrg.

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