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By Le Saker Francophone for The Saker blog

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The balance of power between the Gilets Jaunes (Gj) and the government/media couple is becoming tenser, while remaining, for the moment, in a kind of status quo where neither side wants to give in. The last three weeks have therefore been punctuated by Saturday demonstrations, government repression and media attacks, without anything really moving on. Here are the main news of those last 3 weeks:

The Weekly Acts of the Gj:

Demonstrations are still taking place throughout France and police repression is still very strong, well documented in social media but totally denied by the government and the main stream media. On their side they try to denounce the Gj violence but they have few videos to show it then they have to manipulate the facts to make the population believe that the Gj are violent or that their number is declining.

Act 15 ((February 23rd). According to a new report by the Ministry of the Interior “at 7pm, 46,600 yellow vests demonstrated in France on Saturday, while the union Policiers en colère spoke of 200,000 at 3.30pm”.

Act 16 (March 2). The war of the figures keep on. In total, the Ministry of the Interior counted 39,300 demonstrators in France, including 4,000 in Paris. The Facebook page “Le Nombre jaune”, which counts the number of demonstrators, announces 92,053 people at 6 pm throughout France. But for the Minister of the Interior: “I call for responsibility. Every week 40,000, 50,000 people demonstrate. That’s about as much as the spectators of an “Olympique de Marseille” football match, which means not so much people.”

Act 17 (March 9). According to information provided by the Ministry of the Interior, the mobilization reached a historic low, with 28,600 demonstrators in France, including 3,000 in Paris. These figures are, as usual, subject to controversy and the “France Police-Police officers in anger” union assures that 160,000 demonstrators were mobilized at 15:45. With still the same level of police violence.

Act 18 (March 16). While the Ministry of the Interior counted 32,300 participants during act 18 of the Yellow Vests,

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