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25-03-19 08:30:00,

By Simon Black, Sovereign Man

Last week we started a new feature in Notes from the Field– a Friday roll-up of bizarre, often overlooked stories that my team and I think are worth following with great interest.

Based on the positive feedback we received from last week’s article, we thought we’d continue the trend. So here are a few important stories that we’re paying close attention to:

The City of Chicago Paid $113 million in police misconduct cases last year

Call me crazy, but this strikes me as a LOT of money to pay in settlements over police misconduct, which includes things like excessive force, brutality, etc.

In 2017 the Chicago police paid around $60 million in settlements… so the 2018 total of $113 million was almost DOUBLE that figure, nearly 100% growth in a single year.

What’s more – over the past decade, Chicago has paid out an average of one police misconduct lawsuit every two days.

That’s unbelievable. But perhaps the most unbelievable part is that the bill for these misconduct settlements are paid for by – you guessed it – the taxpayers.

And the first country to create a national DNA database is . . .

Rwanda — the African nation known for the 1994 genocide which killed up to a million members of a minority group — could become the first country to implement a national DNA database.

The proposal would require all 12 million citizens to submit DNA that will be stored by the government. The purpose is to crack down on rampant crime.

But the clear potential for abuse should be obvious… and sets an ominous standard for the rest of the world.

Amazon fever spreads as another business pulls out of NYC

Hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin was already getting publicly roasted over buying the most expensive apartment in NYC history for $238 million.

Just like the Amazon headquarters that had been planned for New York City, you would think residents would be happy to have that kind of capital injected into their economy. His property taxes alone would amount to millions of dollars each year.

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