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01-04-19 04:10:00,

by Ollie Richardson for The Saker Blog

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Act 20 of the Yellow Vests took place on March 30th nationwide in France and happened against the background of last week’s brutal beating of a female protestor in Nice. My reports on Acts 18 and 19 can be read here and here respectively.


The demonstration in Paris was focused on housing expulsions, energy cuts, and expensive accommodation. It should be noted that by law in France people cannot be thrown out of their homes before April 1st, since the weather is still cold until Spring arrives. Here is a photo of the brochure I received at the prior protest in Paris on the 23rd advertising Act 20.

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There were 2 protest events that took place in parallel, and then eventually merged together: a sanctioned march from Châtelet, and an unsanctioned one from Bastille. When both columns met up there was an almighty cheer, and then everyone marched through the streets up to Trocadéro as a part of the sanctioned march.

But along the way the police cut off the route on the fly, meaning the Yellow Vests had to invent a different way of reaching the end point of the sanctioned march.

Eventually some tempers started to fray and bottles and rocks started to be thrown at the police who accompanied the column. But since it was a sanctioned march the Yellow Vests had to restrain themselves (otherwise the police prefecture will not sign off an application for such a march).

At Trocadéro there were some clashes between Yellow Vests and the police, mainly in the format of glass bottle throwing being answered with flash bangs and tear gas.

But unfortunately the police had already encircled the square and did their usual


procedure, which resulted in the Yellow Vests (and I) being forced to leave the area via the metro. Most of the shouting that can be heard in my videos comes from protesting Ghanaians, who were already at Trocadéro before the Yellow Vests came.

What happened next was very interesting,

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