“The Lamps Are Going Out All Over Europe”


04-04-19 09:32:00,

The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime,” commented British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey on the eve of his country’s entry in World War I. Something similar came to mind when I heard that American Renaissance Editor Jared Taylor has been banned from Europe until 2021.

Taylor was scheduled to speak at the Scandza Forum in Stockholm, a conference that was, in a bitter irony, set to focus on Anarcho-Tyranny. On trying to change planes in Switzerland, he was informed that he was banned from Europe’s Schengen Zone at the request of the supposedly conservative government of Poland. [Letter From Zurich Airport, by Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, March 29, 2019] Note that not only was Taylor not informed of this when he checked in at Washington D.C.’s Dulles airport but, in an act of bureaucratic spite, he was flown back to New Jersey’s Newark Airport, forcing him to make arrangements to get back to his Virginia home over 200 miles away.

Taylor’s comment:

Last September, I gave a few talks to nationalist groups in Warsaw. The talks went well, so when I was invited to Lithuania and Estonia in February to speak at conferences, I went back to Poland and spoke in Lublin and Warsaw. Attendance was by invitation only, but the Polish police learned about the meetings. They told the organizer that if I broke any Polish hate speech laws, he would be held responsible. They said I was “spreading a totalitarian ideology.”

This of course is complete nonsense. As even his enemies will concede, Taylor has never advocated a totalitarian system or state repression. He has only been the victim of such tactics.

It’s impossible to avoid the comparison to Hungary’s detention and expulsion of Richard Spencer in 2014, reportedly because of Obama Administration pressure. Of course, this did nothing to stop continuing the Main Stream Media campaign against that country. The U.S. State Department (even under President Trump) continues to fund media outlets campaigning for the overthrow of the Hungarian government.

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