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04-04-19 11:22:00,

by the Francophone Saker for the Saker blog

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The Gj Saturdays

To try to hamper Acts 19 and 20, the government banned the demonstrators from entire neighbourhoods and perimeters. The Champs Elysées for Paris and the city centre for large cities. Any offender will receive a fine of 135 euros to be paid immediately or 190 euros to be paid later. For instance, a couple has been fined for simply wearing a sweater that says “Yes to the RIC”.

As the government cannot totally ban demonstrations, it will try everything it can to limit their scope. Intimidations through body and bags searches, custody and fines at the slightest suspicious object, physical violence… In Paris, “8,545 preventive controls have been carried out,” the minister said. The Gj will no longer be considered as demonstrators but as rioters. The government also calls on the army by using anti-terrorist forces to back the police. As a result, some journalists will no longer hesitate to compare the Gj to terrorists.

But all these intimidations will not cool down the Gj who kept on coming numerous those two last Saturdays.

The police officers will be ordered to go hard, and that is what they will do, as shown by the long list of videos showing these charges, shots, bludgeons and humiliations against not only the demonstrators but also the street medics and journalists. Everyone is considered as a livestock to be led by the whip. A 71-year-old woman waving a rainbow flag marked “Peace” is being pushed by a CRS charge, injured to the head when she falls and will end up in hospital. Faced with this problem for the image of the police, it will try again to distort the facts: “Mrs Legay received a visit from police officers at the hospital to ask her to say that she had not been injured by the police officers’ charge but in other circumstances,” said her children’s lawyer. It is the subordination of a victim.

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