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10-04-19 12:15:00,


The untamed desire of the Trump administration to impose all sorts of conditions and restrictions on the way that Europe operates is clearly leading to an abrupt increase in anti-American moods across various social layers of the European society. Practically speaking, there’s an avid hatred visible all across the EU towards Trump’s use of the ‘Al Capone approach’ , which is typical for American businessmen who would try to brute force their way into foreign markets and influence them in any way possible.

Even before the European Union created a vehicle to bypass American sanctions against Iran last January, it was clear that Washington wasn’t simply trying to inflict maximum damage to Tehran, as many EU companies found themselves starring down the barrel of American gun. However, there’s no denying that the special purpose vehicle known as INSTEX (Instrument In Support Of Trade Exchanges) did come in handy, as German, French and even British companies can now do business with Iran while bypassing dollar completely or even without any direct transactions with Tehran. Before INSTEX was introduced, one had to remain mindful of the fact that the US State department was capable of tracing international transactions and blocking them, which meant that Europe had the challenge of dodging a curved ball every time it wanted to sell something to Tehran. But it seems that the EU has had enough of both the US-imposed dollar system along with Washington’s attempts to champion European foreign policy agenda.

It’s curious that INSTEX was designed in such a way that Berlin, Paris and London would share a collective responsibility for undermining Washington’s policies. And there was no easy way to go about it, as there were only two possible scenarios: the EU setting a precedent of collective disobedience to Washington or the Trump administration making every effort of bringing to heel the defiant nations by picking them apart and humiliating them individually.

Yet another important aspect of INSTEX is that through it the EU demonstrates its reckless resilience that would be kept hidden for a long while, together with its readiness to pursue an independent policy. However, the US hasn’t learned a thing, as it carries on sending its threats to the defiant capitals of Berlin, Paris and London “through the appropriate diplomatic channels.” Among those voicing those threats was the German ambassador to Berlin,

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