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No matter what, journalists will find a way to blame whitey

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

A few days after the Christchurch, New Zealand shootings that left sixty dead, an African immigrant bus driver in Milan, Italy tried to light fifty white Italian children on fire on their way to school. Yes, you read that correctly. You probably didn’t hear all that much about the latter incident. What’s more, this rambling, incompetent, Senegalese zealot was startlingly close to accomplishing his aims. The kids were all still evacuating the bus as it went up in flames. In the end, the Italian police emerged looking like heroes, and no Italian children perished. A number of fortuitous events came together to produce a splendid, almost miraculous outcome, however. It could easily have turned out very differently.

In the aftermath of this horrific school bus attack, there was no international condemnation. Leftist radicals high in the Italian government did not ban any weapons so as to disarm innocent people, as occurred in New Zealand. Black people all over Italy did not pain themselves to apologize for their fellow black man’s vile acts, as whites have done the world over on account of the New Zealand atrocity. TV pundits did not encourage black Africans to engage in extensive soul-searching on account of all the anti-white hate in the African diaspora. There was no call to institute more totalitarian speech codes against “hate speech” (a fancy term used by Marxists and their serfs to describe any argument the political left doesn’t like and can’t defeat without force). There was no media propaganda blitz. The lying press covered the event, but hardly, bitterly, and when it did, it did everything it could to place this poor, brown, oppressed victim who tried to torch fifty white children alive, in the most favorable light possible.

Some papers, like the New York Post and the Houston Chronicle, cast this unthinkable criminal act as essentially a “migration protest” (their words), since this would-be mass murderer of children was understandably indignant about Matteo Salvini’s willingness to take a hard line against invading hordes of 3rd world undesirables. Remember, to the lying press, no matter whose fault it really is, it’s whitey’s fault. This is Cultural Marxism 101,

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