Tulsi Gabbard takes on her own party over ‘endless war’ in mysteriously-deleted viral campaign clip


30-04-19 08:17:00,

There’s no point in knocking Trump out of the White House if a Democratic president has only more endless war to offer, Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard has declared in a deleted, then reposted campaign tweet.

I might get in trouble for saying this, but what does it matter if we beat Donald Trump if we end up with someone who will perpetuate the very same crony capitalist policies, corporate policies, and waging more of these costly wars?” Gabbard asks a room full of supporters in the clip, to thunderous applause.

If you share only one thing about Tulsi with your friends and family, make it this video. Over six minutes, this raw and emotional exchange encapsulates the reason she is running for president. #Tulsi2020pic.twitter.com/BaB3RxrKIq

— Tulsi Gabbard (@TulsiGabbard) April 28, 2019

The most attacks I get are not from Republicans,” the Hawaiian congresswoman continues. “They’re from Democrats, they’re from people in the mainstream media, they’re from people in the foreign policy establishment that you’re talking about, people who represent the interest of the military industrial complex.”

The clip, which went viral after reports that it had been mysteriously deleted from her feed, opens on an emotional testimonial from an Afghani immigrant explaining that she placed her hopes in Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election, only to be disappointed when the Democratic Party rigged the contest in Hillary Clinton’s favor. “How are you going to fight your own party?” she asks.

It was said that it went up and was deleted within 30 minutes. (I may have retweeted it myself in that brief window.) If so, it may have been someone other than Tulsi who deleted it and/or made that decision. My guess is that she’d be delighted to see this go viral.

— Lyndon Olson (@fanoonman) April 27, 2019

The tweet, which was supposedly deleted immediately after posting, went viral over the weekend, with supporters speculating that Gabbard had been intimidated into taking it down by the Democrats. For the 2020 election, the Democratic National Committee has required all candidates seeking its nomination to sign a “loyalty oathpledging to support the Democratic nominee instead of running as a third-party candidate if they lose.

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