Swedish Anti-Extremism Tsar Allows Returning ISIS Fighters Re-Entry As “Caring Citizens”


01-05-19 08:05:00,

Authored by Jon Hall via FMShooter.com,

According to officials in Stockholm, Swedish residents have nothing to fear fromIslamic State fighters returning from the Middle East to live peaceful, crime-free lives in Sweden.

Christina Kiernan, Stockholm’s anti-violent extremism coordinator, claimed that jihadists who returned from Syria and Iraq were living “orderly lives” following public outcry regarding the government’s decision not to strip people who fought in radical Islamic terror organizations of their Swedish passports.

Kiernan said on a television interview this week:

The IS returnees we have talked to so far have no known current crime, they have a job and an orderly life to the extent that we do not have knowledge of activities that can in any way scare anyone…

The television interviewer fired back:

So they are returning from this type of business and becoming caring, well-behaved citizens?

Kiernan admitted that “so far [the number of returnees they’ve spoken to] is only a few”. About half of the 300 ISIS fighters that left Sweden to fight in the Middle East are believed to have already returned to the country. Shockingly, a survey conducted last year reveals that local authorities have lost track of most of the returnees.

Magnus Ranstorp, terrorism expert, noted the “deep culture of silence” enacted in heavily migrant-populated areas of Sweden, with many citizens totally unwilling to speak to authorities over issues regarding Islamism or returning jihadists.

Ranstorp urged officials to keep a closer eye on returnees, warning that a “totally different threshold of violence” compared to the native population was a serious threat and that the government should do more to prosecute “extremely dangerous” individuals across Sweden.

Upon further investigation, it’s been exposed that one in three ISIS returnee fighters have committed serious crimes upon returning to Sweden.

Giving a new definition to the term “Stockholm Syndrome”, Swedish officials are openly contradicting themselves – claiming they’ve interviewed and talked with returning ISIS fighters to ensure they are living a peaceful,

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