Rebelling against ‘globalism’ & a ‘new world order’ doesn’t make Farage an ‘anti-Semite’


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Anti-Semites do favor conspiracies about shadowy international networks of influence, but that doesn’t mean that anyone who raises concerns about “globalism” or the emergence of a “new world order” should be labeled a neo-Nazi.

The accusation was aired against Nigel Farage in a two-part hitpiece by the Guardian, a fortnight before an EU parliamentary election in which his Brexit party is now predicted to become the biggest faction representing the UK. The British newspaper rummaged through a decade of the former UKIP leader’s interviews with Infowars host Alex Jones, and then invited activists and political adversaries to condemn him.

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“For Jones’s conspiracy-minded audience, Farage’s references to ‘globalists’ and ‘new world order’ will be taken as familiar codewords for anti-Semitic conspiracy theories,” responded Jewish monitoring group Community Security Trust.

“It is vital that our politicians distance themselves from conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists, including those who trade in anti-Semitic tropes. We would call on Nigel Farage to repudiate these ideas,” said the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

Sterner criticisms still came from Labour MP David Lammy and the Muslim Council of Britain.

So, what are these vile views that Farage is promulgating?

On the left: “They also want to abolish the nation state – they want to get rid of it. They want to replace it with the globalist project, and the European Union is the prototype for the new world order.”

On Bilderberg: “These lunatics genuinely believe that they know what’s best for us, genuinely believe in this concept of global government, and it will be a disaster.”

On the coalition of international corporations and neoliberal governments: “It all fits together, doesn’t it? Hand in glove – the big businesses, the bureaucrats, they have the sole right to make laws. It all fits together. They’re all very happy with the world they’re creating.”

This is the most outrageous content the Guardian could dig up over six separate lengthy appearances.

One may disagree with Farage on the extent and benefits of internationalization,

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