Some Thoughts On Sectarian Infighting In Activist Circles


30-05-19 04:13:00,

Well it finally happened. After months and months of avoiding the vapid sectarian infighting between Assange activism cliques like the plague, a few hours ago I finally got sucked into the drama. I always do my best to keep my head down and focus my energy on corrupt world leaders, depraved government agencies, malignant media narrative managers, viral psyops and cultural mind viruses, but sometimes people force their drama upon me no matter where I hide. I won’t bore my readers with the details, and I won’t indulge the drama queens by naming them.

The experience was intensely moronic, but it also gave me an opportunity to form some thoughts about the way energized dissident activist groups almost invariably find their energy collapsing in on themselves with soul-sucking sectarianism.

A few hours before a couple of longtime WikiLeaks advocates got up in my Twitter screen demanding that I denounce the Assange advocacy group Unity4J, the co-host and co-founder of the organization Elizabeth Lea Vos had tweeted the following:

“It is absolutely sickening to watch attacks on WikiLeaks and WL supporters amp up as we hear news regarding Assange’s deteriorating health. No matter what movement (or no movement) you choose to work with, DO SOMETHING to support Assange, #Manning, WikiLeaks, Ola Bini, etc.”

This is a message that Unity4J leaders have been putting out there for quite some time: just do something. It doesn’t have to be with Unity4J, and it doesn’t have to be with any organization at all; just do something to bring public awareness to the reality of Assange’s plight and its consequences. Everyone has the ability to do something to help Assange. If you’re uncomfortable with the fact that Unity4J sometimes has speakers with political ideologies that different from your own, for example, there’s not actually anything stopping you from pouring your energy into supporting Assange in a completely different way.

For this reason, it makes no sense to instead pour that energy into attacking a pro-Assange activist group that has the same goal you have: the freedom of Julian Assange. It is impossible to simultaneously attack a pro-Assange activist group you don’t like and conduct pro-Assange activism; you can only do one or the other at any given time, and if you choose the former,

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