AE911Truth Engineers Impress at Statewide Engineering Conference


06-06-19 09:33:00,

In what is surely its most encouraging achievement to date, AE911Truth’s Project Due Diligence (PDD) was recently invited to make a presentation at the annual “Discovery Conference” of the Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers (WSPE), a state branch of the 26,000-member National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE).

At the April 30 conference in Waukesha, Wisconsin, engineers Dan May and Fred Schaejbe gave the PDD presentation, “A Critique of the NIST WTC Building Failure Reports and the Progressive Collapse Theory,” to an audience of 46 fellow engineers. In his report to AE911Truth, May wrote that those who attended the talk appeared to find the information compelling.

“After presenting the NIST theory on WTC 7 and the conflicting data, we asked if anybody was still comfortable with the NIST explanation of the failure. Nobody raised their hand.”

Likewise, in an interview for this article, Schaejbe pointed to the effectiveness of highlighting Building 7 in reaching this expert audience.

“We intentionally concentrate on that,” he said. “That’s the linchpin. A lot of people are not aware that a third building came down that afternoon. That has potential to open some eyes, because it’s obviously a controlled demolition.”

What made this opportunity to present at the WSPE’s annual conference especially noteworthy is that the invitation came from the organization’s leadership.

Schaejbe explains that he had initially approached the WSPE’s vice-president for governmental affairs, Glen Schwalbach, in January about the possibility of making a presentation to one of the local WSPE chapters. May and Schaejbe were given that opportunity in March, when they spoke to a combined monthly meeting of the WSPE and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In addition to the licensed engineers from the two societies, there was a contingent of students from a local technical school in attendance.

Schwalbach estimated in an interview that the monthly meeting is usually attended by about 12 engineers, but this one attracted upwards of 40. According to Schwalbach, a 40-minute video of the PDD presentation on Building 7 was shown first, and this had enough of an impact on the audience that they were willing to extend the meeting so they could watch the second part of the video,

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