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The 3rd International Conference “No to Military Bases & Wars” (1) takes place in a country where the legal situation allows to eliminate all military facilities of USA and NATO, namely by terminating the “Convention on the Presence of Foreign Forces in the Federal Republic of Germany” (in short: troop deployment treaty) and withdrawing from NATO, namely with a period of notice of only two years or one year (2)(3). In May 2019, the IPPNW accordingly demanded by an overwhelming majority at its general meeting in Stuttgart that the troop deployment treaty be terminated (4).

In April 2019, a Conference in Florence called for an “international NATO withdrawal front” is an initiative of the Italian No Guerra, No NATO Committee and the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG)(5). 

In October 2018, a unanimous decision was taken in Frankfurt to make the demand to terminate the troop deployment treaty a central demand of the “Stop Air Base Ramstein” campaign (6). These are encouraging, groundbreaking steps.

With great expectations, the signatories – even if they cannot all be on site – are now looking forward to the results of the 3rd International Conference “No to Military Bases & Wars” at Ramstein. This conference offers the opportunity to reaffirm and further internationalise the groundbreaking steps taken by Stuttgart, Florence and Frankfurt. According to the conference programme, the aim is to discuss what we can do against the military bases. And proposals for further action are needed. Agreements are to be reached in this regard. We therefore propose that the following agreement be adopted.

The conference “No to Military Bases & Wars” states:

We support the demand of Florence for the formation of an “international NATO withdrawal front” and call on peace initiatives in all NATO countries to make this demand their own. According to the NATO Treaty, the withdrawal from NATO is possible with one year’s notice. We also support the demand made for Germany to terminate the troop deployment treaty with the consequence that all US and NATO military bases, including nuclear weapons, must disappear from Germany within only two years. We call on peace initiatives in other countries to clarify the legal situation in their country and on this basis to make demands with the appropriate objective – with the consequence that all these countries will be freed from US and NATO military bases.

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