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11-06-19 09:18:00,

Complete stopping of the enrollment of 5G technology and/or reverse the already toxic microwave environment on this planet through spreading information on the internet or during meetings regarding the harmful health, privacy and security issues on this technology alone is clearly is not enough. Although very important, this form of action is mostly preaching to the choir anyway. The ones who think they have the right to expose us with this harmful technology without our consent need to be put under high pressure and held accountable on a personal level.

One of the things I learned when I was a commercial airline pilot and ending up suing the airline for willfully exposing me, my colleagues and passengers with highly toxic nerve gas components without our consent was the fact that it is more effective to hold persons personally accountable for their harmful policies and associated actions. Thereby giving them no option to hide behind an organization, corporation, political party or any other non-personal entity.

Most of these so called officials, gatekeepers and perpetrators are working in and for a cult structured organization and operate from the polarity of fear. And most of those who serve these harmful agendas are most effectively brought back in line when their illusionary and false-self centered comfort zone bubble is being popped. This can be done by holding them liable on a personal level in a forceful way.

This article contains extensive information that can/must be included in your notice of liability. It is not a fixed thing; make it personal but work as well within the legal regulations that apply for your country/region! Included are numerous specific harmful health effects caused by the exposure to RF radiation backed up with associated scientific studies as evidence. You can print these and include them in your correspondence to give it more “weight”.

Click here for a template that can be used as a starting point for the procedure.

Click here for a template example in Dutch.

Some suggestions to include in your notice of liability (NOL), but you are free to make it as powerful and effective as you want:

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