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Claire Edwards talked about 5G last February in Poland.

Now more than ever, it is necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages of the said technology.

First we are told that 5G in space will help mitigate global warming – climate change. And we are told that it will help with health issues. We’re told that 5G in space will provide services to aircraft, both military and commercial.

But above all, it seems to me, on looking at the documents, that actually this is all about control. It’s about controlling what people do in “smart” cities.

It’s about monitoring and controlling agriculture. It’s about controlling what people do at sea – for example, overfishing.

So it’s a control agenda.

Which companies are the main players in this? Here you have a list of the five main companies.

And the plan is to put over 20,000 satellites in space to beam 5G over the entire planet. The Iridium company – they already have their 66 satellites. They went up last year. But my understanding is that first they need to establish the ground stations so these are not operating yet.

And yesterday you may have heard that the OneWeb company launched six satellites last night [27 February 2019]. And these are only part oftheir proposed constellations so these will also not be operating yet. And I see that – for OneWeb – one rocket will launch 35 satellites at a time.

So I imagine that it will take several months – even 16 months before they have enough satellites for them to start operating with 5G. At least I hope so.

English with consecutive translation into Polish. Scroll down for the full transcript of Claire Edward’s presentation

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[0.12 – 5G in Space: Pros and Cons]

Good morning, everybody. I would like to talk about 5G in space today and I want to address the pros and cons.

[0.30 – 5G space pros]

So first let’s look at the pros – or the supposed advantages of 5G in space.

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