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In my last piece for, entitled “The Quality of Mercy”, I discussed the excellent interview with UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer recently posted by RT on their program Going Underground. On 8 June 2019 Chris Hedges conducted a new, comprehensive, and powerful interview also with Nils Melzer, an interview that I feel is worth watching for all those concerned about the current state of Julian Assange, and the actions of the governments persecuting him.

Dr. Melzer states in the beginning regarding the health of Julian that, “what we’re talking about is severe traumatization, chronic anxiety, intense constant stress, inability to relax, to focus, to think in a structured straight line…someone in a hyper-stimulated state.”

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In response to Mr. Hedges question, “What are both the physical and psychological short-term and long-term effects and what do you attribute that psychological torture to? Because you have really pinned the blame on four different governments,” Dr. Melzer replied, “Obviously, psychological torture can have various consequences. It’s difficult to predict exactly how the situation will evolve. What we’ve seen now, during my visit, was already alarming. And what we have seen since then [is] that his state of health has rapidly deteriorated, as predicted by the psychiatrist accompanying my visit. What can happen obviously on the prolongation of this is that we’ll have irreversible damage, even on the physical level; first, on the psychological-emotional level, but then also on the physical level it can lead to nervous breakdowns or even actually then to cardiovascular damage that is no longer reversible. But it’s very difficult to predict with accuracy and I’m not myself a doctor. But we see today Mr. Assange is no longer able to participate in his own court hearings.”

He then explains why he believes the four states he mentioned are responsible, starting with the attempt by “the elephant in the room,” the United States to get Mr. Assange extradited and to prosecute him: “Mr. Assange had a credible fear to be extradited to the U.S. and to be exposed to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment there.”

Later in the interview,

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