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This summer’s peak heat in Europe has somehow coincided with heated political discussions across the Old World. The controversy arose from the fact that the recent attempt to appoint a new EU leader have unveiled the fact the European-style democracy doesn’t differ that much from the much frowned upon American-style democracy.

As Brussels’ old guard gradually leaves the stage, they argue that the undemocratic practices that have become common during their time within the EU must become a thing of the past. However, the recent controversy in Strasbourg has shown that we can confidently expect the same old act from the European elites.

Like thieves, under the guise of night, European unelected bureaucrats chose the candidate that would replace the departing president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker that is now going to be replaced by Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen. Obviously those forces that received the majority of votes during the latest European Parliament elections had no say in this matter. Speaking to media representatives at the closure of the three day long Strasbourg summit, Donald Tusk seemed extremely contended with the fact that they’ve managed to replace the entire head of the EU without asking anybody’s opinion.

It’s particularly noteworthy that this silent coup occurred on the back of a series of “democratic reforms” that were supposedly designed to make the EU a bit more democratic. The changes to the existing rules that were introduced in 2014 stipulate that upon choosing a new head of the European Commission the unelected bureaucracy of the EU must give priority to the candidate of the political force that received a majority on the preceding elections in the European Parliament.

The unexpected accession of the sitting Federal Minister of Defence to the leading position in the European Commission was so controversial that even German political forces would express no delight over this development. The leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU) and the Minister-President of Bavaria, Markus Soder has already pointed out that Manfred Weber would have made a perfectly legitimate president of the European Commission, but he fell victim of the behind-the-scenes trickery just like the overall transparency of EU institutions did.

In turn, the Social Democratic Workers’ Party of Germany,

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