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12-07-19 08:19:00,

Peace for Prosperity, the so-called international conference promoted, with great fanfare, by Washington, and the personal brainchild of Senior Presidential Adviser Jared Kushner, started rather ingloriously in Bahrain, and has concluded without any results.

According to its organizers, it was to have launched the initial stage (i.e. the economic programme) of the “Deal of the Century”, developed by the USA and Israel to force the Palestinians into final submission. In developing the Peace for Prosperity plan, the US president’s son-in-law was supported by Jason Greenblatt, Donald Trump’s Special Representative for International Relations, and David Friedman, the US ambassador to Israel.

Other participants in this so-called international conference included a number of businessmen from Persian Gulf nations, Israel and the USA. The conference was addressed by such luminaries as Christine Lagarde, chairwoman of the International Monetary Fund, Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister, Gianni Infantino, the head of FIFA, and representatives of the World Bank. Saudi Arabia and the UAE sent a number of ministers to the event, Egypt and Jordan, the only countries in the region to have signed a peace agreement with Israel, just sent acting finance ministers, and Europe sent, in the words of one diplomat, speaking to the Economist, “the lowest level of representation that wouldn’t be offensive.”

The Palestinians categorically refused to take part in this get-together in which a group of politicians “solved” all their problems in accordance with an agenda dictated by America and Israel. The Palestinian leadership (the PLO, HAMAS) boycotted the Bahrain conference entirely, and Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the PLO, said that the deal could “go to hell”. In a survey conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, almost 90% of Palestinians refused to support the so-called “Deal of the Century”. And a declaration issued by the UN accuses the White House of trying to sell “a mirage of economic prosperity” which will only perpetuate the Palestinians’ dependence on foreign support.

In a letter to national leaders taking part in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation meeting in Mecca, the Iranian President Hasan Rouhani described the USA’s so-called “Deal of the Century” to resolve the conflict between Israel and Palestine as “… a conspiracy to destroy the Palestinian cause,

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