Everyone’s A Conspiracy Theorist, Whether They Know It Or Not


12-08-19 07:49:00,

Plutocratic propaganda outlet MSNBC has just run a spin segment on the breaking news that the medical examiner’s determination of the cause of Jeffrey Epstein’s death is “pending further information”.

“Our sources are still saying that it looks like suicide, and this is going to set conspiracy theorists abuzz I fear,” said NBC correspondent Ken Dilanian. “NBC News has been hearing all day long that there are no indications of foul play, and that this looks like a suicide and that he hung himself in his cell.”

Dilanian, who stumbled over the phrase “conspiracy theorists” in his haste to get it in the first soundbyte, is a known asset of the Central Intelligence Agency. This is not a conspiracy theory, this is a well-documented fact. A 2014 article in The Intercept titled “The CIA’s Mop-Up Man” reveals email exchanges obtained via Freedom of Information Act request between Dilanian and CIA public affairs officers which “show that Dilanian enjoyed a closely collaborative relationship with the agency, explicitly promising positive news coverage and sometimes sending the press office entire story drafts for review prior to publication.” There is no reason to give Dilanian the benefit of the doubt that this cozy relationship has ended, so anything he puts forward can safely be dismissed as CIA public relations.

When I mentioned Dilanian’s CIA ties on MSNBC’s Twitter video, MSNBC deleted their tweet and then re-shared it without mentioning Dilanian’s name. Here is a screenshot of the first tweet followed by an embedded link to their current one (which I’ve archived just in case):

FYI Ken Dilanian is a known CIA asset.https://t.co/9e7B7rstSz

— Caitlin Johnstone ⏳ (@caitoz) August 11, 2019

After autopsy, NYC chief medical examiner says office’s determination on the investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s death is ‘”pending further information.”

Multiple people briefed on the investigation tell @NBCNews that suicide remains the presumed cause of death. pic.twitter.com/3Sg5MCB1Iw

— MSNBC (@MSNBC) August 12, 2019

Up until the news broke that Epstein’s autopsy has been unable to readily confirm suicide,

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