Deep Dive: BC Canada to Require Parents To Vaccinate Kids Despite History Of Adverse Effects


29-08-19 03:34:00,

By Aaron Kesel

The (BC) British Columbia province in Canada is starting a new forced vaccination schedule program for children, requiring parents to submit their child’s vaccination records if attending a public school. However, there are numerous issues with this since vaccines affect individuals differently and can have adverse side effects as will be documented in this article.

British Columbia Health Minister Adrian Dix announced the Vaccination Status Reporting Regulation that took effect this summer, WL Tribune reported.

“This mandatory reporting of the immunization status of students will ensure the public health system is prepared in the event of an outbreak,” Dix said.

“Furthermore, with the up-to-date records, public health can reach out to families with children behind on their immunizations and provide an opportunity to catch them up, as well as discuss any concerns with parents.”

Earlier this year in April, the same province rolled out a “catch-up” immunization program, which so far has accounted for 95 percent of 566,000 students receiving two doses of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine.

While BC’s Health Minister is attempting to prevent the spread of various viruses, adverse effects of vaccines can’t be overlooked.

Meanwhile in the U.S., President Trump at first took a much different approach appointing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as the head of a new Vaccine Safety Commission. Unfortunately, however, the U.S. President abandoned the plans to investigate the spurious link between childhood immunizations and autism in 2018, The Guardian reported.

Kennedy is a well-known frequent outspoken critic against vaccinations, specifically stating that thimerosal is a harmful additive within vaccines that is causing autism in children.

The argument is that MMR vaccines potentially cause autism. It’s worth noting that decades ago the Polio vaccine SV40 is documented on record by the CDC themselves (on a now deleted page) to have cost people their lives and caused cancer. However, you can confirm the web page existed by using’s time machine. Also there’s other evidence that SV40 has been detected in some human tumors.

So what is the probability that the MMR vaccine causes autism;

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