‘Nothing!’ Media refuse to cover Roger Waters concert in support of Julian Assange


03-09-19 04:47:00,

If most rockstars performed one of their iconic hits outside the British Home Office, the media would lap it up. Not so, if the star is Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters and he sings for jailed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Mainstream media completely ignored Waters’ performance outside the British interior ministry office on Monday evening. A search of the ProQuest newspaper database found “nothing” from any UK newspaper on the event, media fairness website Media Lens tweeted.

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters performed ‘Wish You Were Here’ in support of Julian Assange yesterday.

ProQuest newspaper database finds *two* mentions in global media: in Asian News International, New Delhi, and Prensa Latina, Havana.

It finds NOTHING in any UK newspaper!

— Media Lens (@medialens) September 3, 2019

A Google News search finds coverage from the World Socialist Web Site, the Irish Examiner, Ecuador-based Telesur, and some Turkish outlets, as well as RT and Sputnik – but nothing from any major British newspaper or broadcaster.

The event was heavily promoted on Twitter by WikiLeaks and Roger Waters himself – so it appears that the lack of coverage by UK media was a conscious decision rather than an oversight.

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WATCH Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters jam ‘Wish You Were Here’ at Assange demo outside UK Home Office

The silence did not go unnoticed by Assange supporters on social media.

“If Roger Waters were to open his guitar case and sing on any street corner in the world, this would be major cultural news on mainstream media,” one wrote.

Another tweeter cited the lack of coverage in the Guardian as “more evidence that it’s just a propaganda mouthpiece for British Intelligence.”

A search for blueticks on twitter finds no UK journalist commenting on this. But it’s not silence – it’s journalists defending the state, indicating to them “I’m on your side, not Assange’s, I’m reliable”, even as their *own profession* is under major attack. It’s chilling. https://t.co/84MrgiMYZj

— Mark Curtis (@markcurtis30) September 3, 2019

Labour’s Chris Williamson tweeted that he was the “only MP” in attendance at the demonstration,

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