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youth climate strike with gretaCCD Editor’s Note: The following is a second excerpted chapter from Lynne Balzer’s new book, The Green New Deal and Climate Change: What You Need to Know, available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle. You can read her previous chapter here.

For approximately forty years the AGW establishment has been indoctrinating the public worldwide, and their media accomplices have been only too willing to cooperate.

But nowhere is this more evident than in our public schools.

The global warming movement, which hijacked environmentalism, has unfairly used their captive audiences in schools to influence their young minds.

On Friday, March 15, 2019, school children all over the world took the day off from school to participate in a demonstration to save the world from climate change.

The headmasters of schools in Britain suspended schools even though their students, were supposedly “on strike.” It was obvious that this affair, arranged to garner more media attention, was organized by the adults.

Al Gore expressed his highest praise for this action, saying:

“Today, hundreds of thousands of young people in over 120 countries stood up to fight for their future. Going on strike from school, they spoke with one voice and one message for the adults of the world: Act on climate. Now…I’ve been in this fight for many, many years and I don’t have words for the pride and joy I feel witnessing these brave young people speaking out today. If you were a young activist striking today, thank you.”

This sort of manipulation of young children’s minds takes advantage of the fact that children are impressionable and often lack the education and experience to discern truth from fiction.

One of the worst nightmarish examples of this type of manipulation is David Suzuki’s statement:

“The North Pole, once a wintery wonderland, is no longer safe for Santa’s Workshop. Climate change is melting the snow and ice, and the rising water is getting too close for comfort. Santa must relocate — fast — to make sure that all the nice boys and girls still have a Happy Holiday.”

We have a great responsibility to teach children as well as adults how to recognize the signs that they are being exploited.

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