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10-10-19 12:57:00,

There is a growing confusion over the situation in the north-east of Syria – Turkey, a NATO member state, is de facto challenging other NATO member states by attacking a U.S proxy force occupying the region. The Kurdish contras and separatist factions that make up the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) are the apparent target.

I have compiled a list of articles and videos that may enable people to untangle the complex and extremely precarious conflict that is developing east of the Euphrates. I will add to them and update this article as and when I am able to.

  1. Kevork Almassian of Syriana Analysis

2. Syrian Girl – Kurds did not protect Christians, they persecuted them.

3. Where White Helmets failed, will SDF succeed in securing a NATO “no fly zone” in the region which is translated into a NATO “free-for-all” and will escalate the conflict while ensuring greater bloodshed among the civilian population:

Report from South Front.

4. Sarah Abed – Turkey’s Safe-zone and Refugee Peace-corridor in Syria Is a Cover for a Violent Demographic Re-engineering

It’s worth noting that the Syrian government has been vocal in their opposition to the creation of a Turkish safe zone or peace corridors on its land as well as joint patrol operations. Damascus knows that Turkey’s true intentions are expansion and changing the demographics and forcing the return of millions of Syrian refugees to areas in northern Syria where they do not originate from.


.. if Turkey is truly worried about their national security they can establish a safe zone on Turkish land to protect themselves but they do not have a right to encroach on Syrian land.


Turkey has drawn out a detailed plan for resettling two million Syrian refugees in the safe zone and many are concerned that once these Turkish loyalists have resettled on Turkey’s border, Ankara will claim ownership on Syria’s northern region. Turkey’s plan would cost roughly $27 billion and Turkey is not planning on footing the entire bill and has asked for other nations to assist funds to carry out its plan.

Turkey’s plan includes establishing 140 villages, 10 towns, a Turkish university with three faculties including an Islamic Sciences faculty in Azaz,

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