Update on Trump’s Fake Withdrawal of Illicit Troops from Syria


22-10-19 08:07:00,

While western colonial serfs proceed to condemn Trump’s fake betrayal of the US created SDF, they continue to ignore the obvious: His fake withdrawal of illicit US troops from Syria.

Trump’s tiniest of moves away from the border that Syria shares with Turkey have brought out the criminally stupid peons of NATO countries, to decry –in western supremacist entitlement — the Trump regime giving part of Syria to Turkey…because these entitled western supremacist saviors wanted that specific part of Syria given to the traitor separatists .

The new wave liberals — to the right of neocons, making them winners in the Mockingbird races — have joined with the neocons in losing sleep, in losing any sense of international law, and losing all sense of reality.

Just as Trump’s 19 December 2018 nothing tweet — which barely offered inference of withdrawal — created a wave of mass hysteria, the two groups erroneously considered polar opposites remain aligned in imperial conquests.

This is a fake withdrawal. Trump is not bringing troops home. The swamp-drunk POTUS continues to huff those decomposing fumes.

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