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31-10-19 01:30:00,

This article is a continuation of my last article about what’s really going on in Lebanon. According to many Lebanese and my regular taxi driver and friend in Beirut, Hussein, Lebanon no longer exists for the Lebanese. According to the recent census, there are about 2 million Syrian refugees in addition hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, and Indians in contrary to the rich Europeans, Americans, and other states’ citizens who live in Beirut. The Lebanese people have become the minority. The economic burden is too heavy. The gap between rich and poor is overwhelming and shows when you drive through the streets of Beirut.

So far it’s understandable why people rise up and go to the streets. But already there are signs that the fifth column is doing its job by infiltrating the crowds, and some embassies have sent their “best man or women” to analyze and stir up the uprising.

Sayyed Nasrallah, the head of Hezbollah, said in his speech on October 26th;

Some protests have been financed by embassies and suspicious sides. Certain elements are seeking to stir political tensions in Lebanon in a bid to create political vacuum in the country,” Nasrallah said last Friday, warning that certain factions seek to take the country to a“civil war”, a reference to the country’s bloody 1975-1990 civil war.

Furthermore, Nasrallah said that the government’s resignation is a “waste of time”.

New elections and the consequently timely formation of a new government will ultimately include the same combination of Lebanon’s various political parties already present in the cabinet, failing to address Lebanon’s “systematic” problems and further destabilizing Lebanon, Nasrallah said.

The Hezbollah chief also added that the demonstrations are “spontaneous” and independent from any foreign or domestic political influence, but warning participants to beware of the rallies being hijacked by political groups and countries.

That is exactly what’s happening right now, this is what happens in nearly every uprising, the fifth column comes into action and “hijacks” the so-called revolution. The countries of interest, like the US and of course long time “enemy” next door, the Zionist State of Israel, are working overtime in their embassies in Hamra (the area of the rich and powerful in Beirut).

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