6 Islamic extremists deemed danger to Sweden allowed to remain in country on ‘humanitarian grounds’


05-11-19 12:15:00,

A group of radical Islamists deemed a threat to Sweden are slated to be expelled from the country – but the deportation order has been suspended over concerns that the six men could face persecution in their home countries.

The extremists, who were detained last spring, are believed to be central figures in spreading radical Islam in the Scandinavian nation.

Among them is 53-year-old Iraqi-born imam Abo Raad, an outspoken proponent of the extreme Salafist school of Islamic thought. His son was also part of the group of radicals arrested by Sapo, the Swedish Security Service, in May. The others hail from Iraq, Egypt and Russia. One of the men is stateless.

The government decided in late October that the group “contribute to Islamist radicalization” in Sweden and would be expelled. The order, however, has been halted by the country’s Migration Tribunal, which said that the deportation cannot go ahead because the men are at risk of persecution in their home nations.

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Security officials are reportedly now trying to find a way to work around this legal barrier – likely by obtaining assurances from the foreign countries that they will treat the extremists fairly.

In the meantime, all six men have reportedly been released. However, they remain under surveillance by Sapo. They are also reportedly required to check in with law enforcement several times a week, or risk returning to prison. Media coverage of the bizarre legal loophole has been fiercely criticized. One Swedish report described Abo Raad as a “rock star” who was treated to a “hug party” upon returning to his mosque in Gavle – apparently unconcerned that Sapo had labeled the man a threat to the country.

Denna artikel kan vara bland de mest motbjudande skapelser jag någonsin sett från public service. En islamist som av Säpo bedöms hota rikets säkerhet kallar SVT för ”rockstjärna” och skriver om ”kramkalas”. https://t.co/NTBdiWlyCW

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Although the Swedish government has opened its doors to asylum seekers,

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