Belittling of language: You can’t say ‘blind spot ‘– it’s not inclusive enough, say liberals in their hunt for power


07-11-19 01:46:00,

In a misguided attempt at protecting the so called “marginalized” individuals, the regressive left continues to ban an ever-increasing list of words – an action that only serves as a tool for oppression.

Thanks in large part to the intrusive nature of the internet in our daily lives, an annoying trend has taken root where any and every thing we say comes under scrutiny from complete strangers. More so now as a new community of victim olympians scour the net for things to take umbrage with. 


We are replacing an ableist term with the term “dead angle”

It means a spot in your periphery you cannot see or an area not covered by CCTV

You all probably already know what term I’m replacing so I’m not even gonna tell you

Dead angle, use it til other people conform

— Kimberley Jane Erin (@crippledscholar) 14 октября 2019 г.

Did you know you’re not supposed to say “blind spot” anymore? You know, that thing everyone has on the periphery of their vision. It might sound absurd that such a common phrase could be deemed offensive, but as we now live in clown world, that’s exactly what has happened. The same goes with “turn a blind eye” and “tone deaf.”

The reasoning for this is that such terms are viewed as “ableist”, a word that by its dictionary definition means “discriminating against disabled or handicapped people.” Now maybe it’s because I don’t suffer from the mental handicap that is being “woke”, but I struggle to see how “tone deaf” is discriminatory. 

(And side note, let’s do our best to move away from using “lame” as a pejorative as it is actually ableist. Besides, so many other ways to insult horrible people and situations. Trust me. I find new ones daily lmao.)

— 🆃🆁🆄🅳🆈 (@thetrudz) 5 ноября 2019 г.

As for other “ableist” words, you’re no longer supposed to say stupid, crazy, psycho, dumb, idiotic, insane, lame, moron, nuts, mad, and mental.

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