This Shows How Impotent Western Peoples Are—They Cannot Even Save the Journalist Who Told Them the Truth –


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This Shows How Impotent Western Peoples Are—They Cannot Even Save the Journalist Who Told Them the Truth

Persecution of Assange — more of the same

For nearly a decade the United States has been pursuing and persecuting Julian Assange in collaboration with three vassal states, aided and abetted by mainstream media. That appalling spectacle has been accompanied by a steady stream of eloquent denunciations and growing demands for Julian’s liberation.

The legal and moral grounds for all those demands and denunciations are indisputable. And yet he remains in prison under false pretexts, with no prospect of liberation in sight.

How is that possible? Because forces hostile to Julian Assange and what he represents have gained control of the institutions and superior resources of the collaborating governments. They have done so by means of ”democratic” elections which legitimise their control and — in the absence of any substantial opposition — ignore legal and ethical constraints on their conduct. In all of this, the complicity of the mainstream media has been essential.

A not-so-modest proposal

It is or should be obvious by now that Julian’s freedom is very unlikely to be won by appeals to reason and expressions of moral sentiment — no matter how often they are repeated and how widely they may be shared — as long as they remain disparate and unorganized, as they have been thus far. That is why I have proposed* the following:

• a global campaign dedicated to the release of Julian Assange from captivity, with an appropriate title such as ”Assange Freedom Now!”

• a qualified and influential steering committee to lead and legitimise the campaign.

• an adequately staffed and funded campaign headquarters, presumably in London but possibly elsewhere, to carry out tasks including:

Create and constantly maintain an attractive, easily read and technically efficient website to provide continual and authoritative reports on Julian’s current situation and related matters, correct errors in other media, answer reader enquiries, etc.

Develop and maintain a comprehensive list of solidarity groups around the world, document their actions, respond to their requests for information and guidance, etc.

Help plan, co-ordinate and execute major actions.

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