ICYMI: Yellow Vests’ anniversary marked with barricades, militarized police & furious protesters


17-11-19 04:43:00,

Exactly a year since the Yellow Vest protests first broke out in France and spread across the nation to become a regular weekend tradition, the anniversary was marked by clashes and tear gas.

The boutiques and brasseries of central Paris remained largely untouched, although there was a clear nervousness that protesters would make it to the center of the city, and streets were barricaded and traffic blocked off from any likely targets.

The main area of confrontation on Saturday was in Place d’Italie with angry protesters, now largely without their signature gilets jaunes, facing off against heavily armored police who have developed their tactics over the last 12 months to try and contain the confrontation.

ICYMI’s Polly Boiko traveled to Paris to chart the rise of the gilets jaunes, and see exactly how their anniversary would be marked.

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