German Parliament Delegation in Damascus, Don’t Bet Much On It!


23-11-19 04:14:00,

A representative of the German right-wing party AFD, Frank Pasemann, has come to discuss on Wednesday with a committee from the Syrian Parliament on several topics:

  • The end of Sanctions on Syria.
  • The collaboration with Russia, instead of with NATO, on the building of the security zone in northern Syria.
  • The re-immigration of Syrian Refugees in Germany to Syria.
  • Recognition of the Assad government as the legitimate government of Syria, as since 2012, EU has recognized the Syrian Opposition (often referred to as NATO terrorists) as the legitimate representative of Syria.

The aim of the visit is mainly to prove to Germany that Syria is actually a safe country of origin, which is opposite to the popular belief of western media, actually true.

Die Abgeordneten der @AfDimBundestag, welche derzeit Gäste des syrischen Parlamentes sind, stimmen darin überein, dass das Bild dieses Bloggers mehr Wahrheit über die Situation in #Syrien enthält als sämtliches Geschreibsel der Einheitsmedien! Glauben Sie denen bitte kein Wort.

— Frank Pasemann, MdB 🇩🇪 (@Frank_Pasemann) November 22, 2019

“The representatives of the AFD in parliament, which are currently guests on the Syrian Parliament, are agreeing that the picture of this twitter blogger contains more truth about the situation in Syria, than all the written stuff from the allied media. Please don‘t believe a single word from them.”

-Frank Pasemann

This plan to visit was seen as a provocation in the German parliament, which lead to a heated discussion on Friday, 15th November. The discussion seemed as if our government lived in 2 alternate realities, where the Political middle (SPD, CDU, and FDP) and the Green party (Bündnis 90/die Grünen) spoke of a ‘cruel regime’ and ‘no one in their right mind could call it a safe country of origin,’ while the plan to visit was seen as the correct thing to do by the German left party (Die Linke), though they still expressed disapproval of the party.

The Left and the AFD are rivaling parties as the Left supports refugee immigration, and is against Israeli Apartheid, while AFD is against refugees (the motivation for re-immigration of Syrian refugees) and believes BDS is Antisemitic (while most Anti-Jewish attacks in Germany are committed by right extremists).

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