The New Sheriff in Town


28-11-19 02:11:00,

Last month, Michael White was acquitted of voluntary manslaughter in the stabbing of Sean Schellenger.

White, who is black, approached and began challenging the 37-year-old white man while he was engaged in a traffic dispute with an unrelated driver in Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square.

Witnesses said White and Schellenger both squared up for a fist fight, only for White to pull out a knife and stab the unarmed man in the back with a 12 inch knife. Schellenger died.

The incident was caught on tape, which police used as evidence to charge White with first degree murder.

However, when the races of the two men became public, anti-white activists began a social media campaign claiming White used his weapon in self-defense before any of the facts in the case had come out. It’s worth noting that Pennsylvania is not a Stand-Your-Ground state.

The District Attorney, a Jewish lawyer named Larry Krasner, then dropped the charges multiple times until arriving at voluntary manslaughter, which put White’s predictable defense on a silver platter.

Nobody disputed that White had killed Schellenger with an illegal knife, but instead that the dead victim was “racist,” so he deserved it. None of the multiple witnesses at the scene ever substantiated White’s claim that Schellenger racially abused him.

His defense team made it up so that black jurors would hang the verdict. When proving intent to kill under this specific statute eluded the prosecution, he was acquitted.

Larry Krasner is accused of throwing the case.

The George Soros Prosecutor

Krasner, who once joked that he was too extreme to ever be elected chief prosecutor even in a deep blue city, won the DA’s race in Philadelphia in 2017 by outspending all of his opponents by large amounts of money.

Krasner dedicated almost $2 million dollars to this small race. He campaigned against white privilege and “institutional racism,” with a plan to legalize a whole multitude of quality of life offenses like defecating in the street, shoplifting and doing drugs in public,as well as reducing the prison population, which he claims is large due to hate and bigotry.

On his own, Krasner would’ve only had a few hundred thousand dollars raised for his long shot,

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