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30-11-19 01:07:00,

Hanne Nabintu Herland writes: Wikipedia has since its birth been a leading Liberal, progressive, atheist portal in demonizing European history, Conservatives, anti-militarism activists, religions and countries outside the Western hemisphere.

Wikipedia has been an instrumental neo-Marxist propaganda tool in shutting down independent media in the West.

It has been a main neo-Marxist driver in the West to color the minds of Westerners and change its value system.

On a continual basis, its neo-Marxist editors make sure that philosophers, authors, intellectuals who disagree with the progressive view are cunningly demeaned and their message twisted and belittled.

My own experience with Wikipedia over the years is horrifying, as I have watched my name and many others in the Scandinavian segment be ripped apart by a remarkable Wiki editor will to demonize free intellectuals. In my case, still to this day, the stupidest demonizations and twisting to the unrecognizable of my message in op-eds from the early 2000, still dominate.

A quick glance at the pages of some, is quite enlightening: Leading Western intellectuals are portrayed as half-crazy “conspiracy theorists”(a label given to those who present facts that are undesired in the Liberal progressive or globalist camp) etc. They are labelled as homophobes, islamophobes, racists, male shouvinists, half-crazy, colonialists, old-fashioned, out dated or flat out mad.

Wikipedia has been an instrumental propaganda portal in demonizing, lying, twisting the message of and slandering leading Western intellectuals and thought leaders who were not neo-Marxists.

When reading, you simply get the subtle undertone of the person being someone “one should not listen to, as he obviously is quite crazy.”

The same stigma is applied to countries or political leaders that the neo-Marxist, neo-con globalists do not like. The depiction of these nations, or civil wars/conflicts is a blue print of what the current American establishment views these nations.

Russians are idiots, Putin is the world’s biggest idiot, Muammar Gaddafi was an idiot, Hillary Clinton is a saint, Macron is a saint, Greta Thunberg is the biggest saint of them all right now, and so on.

Wikipedia has diligently followed the recipe of neo-Marxist, New Left thinker Herbert Marcuse who openly stated that if the progressive message was to succeed,

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