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02-12-19 08:53:00,

by arras for The Saker Blog

When you hear about the war in Ukraine, you might think of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia Western corporate media has been jellying at you about for five years. That war is fake, as fake as Trump-Russia collusion story. If there ever has been a war between Ukraine and Russia, it would have been over a long time ago. As Vladimir Putin famously said to the head of the EU Manuel Barroso in 2014, Russian tanks could be in Kiev, and the Ukrainian capital could be taken within two weeks if Russians wanted. And no serious political leader or military expert has ever cast a doubt on it.

There was a war in Ukraine between the Western-backed regime that came to power in Kiev after the Western-backed coup in 2014 and Russian backed rebels that refused to acknowledge the coup. But that war ended in 2014 when Ukraine signed a surrender-treaty called “Minsk II Accords” following the destruction of the Ukrainian army in the battle of Debaltsevo.

So what is The War in Ukraine, who fights there, and why?

The war that has been ongoing in Ukraine is the war for the right to milk the “Ukrainian cow”. This war isn’t a recent one, and it’s not unique for Ukraine. It’s the war that, in many regards, and at some degree of intensity exists almost everywhere. A cow is a state and those that milk it are various elites and mafias, that fight for redistribution of resources in the society. The difference is that while in most societies, those that milk the cow try to keep it alive so that it keeps bringing milk, in Ukraine nobody ever cared about well-being of the cow. Ukrainian post-Soviet elites, also sometimes called oligarchs, milked the Ukrainian cow mercilessly without limits, until the Ukrainian cow had enough and decided to give up. And so the war over what remains in its shabby udder is intensifying. So, who fights for the leftovers?

Waring Sides

Side 1: Igor Kolomoisky and allies

After the US refused to support Petro Poroshenko in the last presidential elections, leading to his defeat, Kolomoisky is the most powerful and most aggressive of what was left of Ukrainian post-Soviet oligarchy.

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