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30-12-19 09:31:00,

Syria’s Idlib province in the country’s northwest borders Turkey.

Infested with US-supported jihadists, the Erdogan regime lets them move back and forth cross-border between both countries while pretending to oppose them — supplying them with heavy and other weapons, along with the US, NATO and Israel.

Idlib is the last terrorist stronghold in Syria, its liberation essential to free the country and its people from their menace.

A year ago, Putin and Erdogan agreed on establishing a 15 – 20 km-wide demilitarized zone in Idlib along the Turkish border.

An agreed on ceasefire failed straightaway because of Turkey’s aggression in Syria and support for jihadists Erdogan pledged to oppose — despite joint Russian/Turkish patrols along border areas between both countries.

Despite pledging to withdraw US forces from Syria, Trump reneged, his word never his bond, why he and other top US officials can never be trusted.

Thousands of Pentagon troops, paramilitaries, and private military contractors (PMCs) remain in northern and southern parts of the country, including in most Syrian oil-producing areas.

Stolen oil is smuggled cross-border into Turkey for sale on the black market, Washington, private US interests, and the Erdogan regime profiting from grand theft.

US involvement in Syria is all about seeking regime change, wanting Assad replaced by pro-Western puppet rule, the country transformed into a client state, Iran isolated regionally, greater “maximum pressure” exerted on its ruling authorities — a failed agenda.

Iran is currently holding joint military exercises with Russia and China in the Gulf of Oman ad Indian Ocean.

Head of Russia’s Center for Contemporary Iran Studies Recep Safarov said these first ever joint drills show the importance of the Islamic Republic as a regional security “superpower.”

Joint military coordination among these countries is all about establishing security in these waterways, protecting them for international trade, combatting US-supported terrorists, along with showing that Russia, China and Iran comprise a military coalition — for defense, not offense the way US-dominated NATO operates.

Syrian forces supported by Russian airpower are battling to liberate Idlib from US-supported terrorists.

According to Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, jihadists in Idlib increased their number of artillery strikes throughout December on government forces and residential areas to 60 daily,

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