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07-02-20 07:54:00,

By Peter Tocci

In What Do YOU Mean When You Say “5G”? (WDYM) much space is devoted to analyzing news stories about the dreaded “5G” rollout. Two of the greatest fallacies presented in this hysteria are 1) “5G” has not been tested for safety, and 2) there are many reports of harm when “5G” is turned on. The first is untrue, the second much confused.

Since WDYM covers these issues thoroughly, we won’t reinvent the wheel here, except to say that hysteria ‘1’ is a ploy. No one should be singling out “5G” about safety testing, since no ‘G’ has been properly tested from the outset – including “5G”.

So it’s quite irresponsible to make it sound like the other G’s have been safety tested. It’s been scientific fraud embraced by the FCC all the way in order to get this pathological atrocity intimately woven into society and people’s lives. You wouldn’t be off calling it evil.

Both hysterias arise from the fact that few opposers seem to know/acknowledge/care that “5G” isn’t one thing, but two. New international specifications cover the new, higher frequencies all the harangue is about, often called ‘millimeter wave’ (I designate it 5Gmmw); as well as the old 2G-4G frequencies called ‘sub-6 GHz’ or ‘mid-/low-band’ microwave frequencies (5Gmlb) — 4G “on steroids”. The quotes around “5G” indicate this misunderstanding.

A corollary is that “5G” opposition implies that we must be rid of “5G,” but that 3G/4G, though ultimately fatal,’ can be tamed with “tips” for reducing exposure and with “safe” exposure limits. The former is simply futile, since no exposure is safe. The latter is best described as a pipe dream. The establishment knew all the harm 20 years before 1G (see History of Official Awareness in WDYM).

Before we get to the harm issue, it’s necessary to understand that the ecosystem and humans have been exposed to radio frequencies for about a century.25. But especially telecom/WiFi microwave, and especially again, digital, signals, since 1991-2 in the US, meaning 2G. 1G was ‘analog.’

Keep in mind, then, that long-term exposure and quite probably cumulative effect and latency, as with hospital x-rays and tobacco,

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