Israel Bombs Syria for Moral Support to al Qaeda, Erdogan


14-02-20 09:02:00,

SAA air defense within its limited capacity managed to shoot down a number of the US-made most advanced missiles fired by Israeli fighter jets.

Israel bombed Syria again at 2345 Damascene time, 13 February. Firing from the Syrian Golan criminally occupied by Israel, Syrian air defenses — within limited capacities — intercepted a “number of missiles” before they reached their targets on the southern perimeter of Damascus.

These bombs were launched from Syria’s Golan, occupied by Israel, NATO’s favorite dog in the Levant. Israel chose the 38th anniversary of the National Open Strike to engage in another round of war crimes against the Syrian Arab Republic.

The video is also available on BitChute

No details have been provided at this time, and therefore it is unknown if the missiles were fired from the three inches of Syria’s Golan which were named for the King George wannabe, Donald Trump. Trump — who currently engages in appointing presidents around the world, as King George once appointed governors — decreed last year that squatter Israel could keep the stolen portion of Golan, Syria after which the thieves held a mad hatters party.

February has been a difficult month for NATO supported al Qaeda in Syria. The 3 Pee’s running the UN had no success in demanding Syria to stop defending its citizenry from these foreign-owned pathogens. Channel 4‘s propaganda for al Qaeda’s White Helmets department was so ridiculously idiotic it was the butt of international jokes. Not one, but two Nazi — er, al Qaedapropaganda movies did not get an Oscar from Hollywood.

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