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28-02-20 10:44:00,

No one on the left was more critical of Bernie Sanders during his 2016 presidential run than late Black Agenda Report Editor Bruce Dixon. However, after Bernie’s speech announcing that he planned to run again this year, Bruce asked me, “Did you see that?” I said, “No, not yet.” Then he said, “This is a whole new Bernie. Bernie 2.0. This is a Bernie who’s learned how to talk to Black people.”

I of course said, “But you don’t think he could defeat the DNC apparatus, do you?” He said, “I don’t know,” and no one was more astute about electoral politics than Bruce Dixon, who could count campaigns that defeated the Daley machine in Chicago among his accomplishments.

Other weekly Black Agenda writers have predicted that the DNC will manage to steal the nomination out from under Sanders again and that the youthful army of volunteers behind him may then finally leave the Democratic Party. Or that the right-wing Democrats who have been ascendant since Bill Clinton’s 1992 victory will leave instead.

That’s still quite possible, but after Bernie’s stunning victory in multicultural, Nevada, where white people are a 47% minority, it no longer seems out of the question that he will win the 51% of pledged delegates required to clinch the nomination. Or that he will head into the Democratic Convention with so many more delegates than any other candidate that it will be awkward for the superdelegates to deny him the nomination on the second round.

How many more meltdowns like the Iowa Caucuses can the DNC stage and survive? There’s a limit to how many ghost votes can be cast and how many more suppressed without obvious fraud, so electronic voting fraud seems most likely to be deployed to defeat him. We do have to consider that Republicans will be every bit as determined to stop Bernie as corporate Democrats, and that Republicans own most, if not all, the electronic voting machinery. They resist examining its workings by claiming that it’s their private property, so they might as well padlock Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court unless Americans finally stop putting up with them.

Many claim that the delegate-rich California primary was stolen from Bernie in 2016.

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