Political Correctness In Britain? This Orwellian Madness Has Reached New Levels Of Absurdity


02-03-20 09:57:00,

Authored by Martin Jay via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

I often ask myself how did Boris Johnson become PM of Britain, as I for one, don’t believe it’s entirely to do with Brexit, but more to do with a broader protest vote from a big part of the UK population who voted him in to redress the balance of PC madness which is threatening to destroy the country.

This great democracy, which many look up to as a beacon in the world, has advanced so far down the politically correct road, based on the erroneous assumption that free speech itself should come with caveats which protect those which might be ‘affected’ by it, that white males are losing the right and even the ability to debate.

I generally want to throw something at my 20 year old Samsung plasma (which is about 15cm in width) the moment I hear after a TV show on the BBC the gentle voice which asks “have you been affected by this program?”.

The decline in politics as a subject of common interest, the advancement of ‘comment’ on social media which overshadows raw news reporting and the incomprehensible guilt complex about Britain’s colonial history all combine to feed, if not sustain, a new mantra incubated in Britain’s debating forums: white people should keep quiet and listen to the thumb-sucking liberals and their two-faced moral tutelage, based on simply them being the victim class.

This new space is accommodated by anyone who feels that not being white, male and employed is in itself is a handicap to function in society and therefore, by definition, is entitled to an artificial-assisted narrative which should be given greater prominence – regardless of how ill-informed, biased, idiotic it may be, like only allowing alcoholics an opinion on drinking.

Britain’s multiculturalism is being threatened by these new ‘victims’ and the left wing British media’s obsession to promote their cause at any cost. Even ‘conservatives’ lend them some sympathy as we have got to the stage in Britain where more and more white people feel they don’t have the right to talk about any number of incendiary subjects and so have started to remain mute – which in itself gives further impetus to the loony left who drown in their own excreta of bigotry and hatred of everything which was once considered ‘great’ about Great Britain.

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