This Video Shows How Far Those In Power Will Go To Maintain Control Of A Quarantine


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Authored by J.G.Martinez G. via The Organic Prepper blog,

In our modern world, information is power. We know all that. Whether if some information we find allows us to sleep at night, that´s a different question.

Technology has made readily available information we never thought could be possible. This has allowed the shaping of our society in ways we never imagined.

Under severe circumstances, those in control will take extreme measures to keep it. This is, has been, and very likely will continue being a norm. Losing control is the worst nightmare for politicians. They know, that once public law enforcement organizations have been overrun, they will be targeted. Should they have their conscience clean, that wouldn´t happen. But in every society of the world, with the extremely few exceptions, the norm seems to be these politicians don´t have it so clean. Therefore, they will do whatever they have to do, to avoid losing their grip.

How is China maintaining control?

Now let´s analyze Chinese idiosyncrasy. Their culture has been going on for thousands of years. They are right to be proud. Whether that strange and modern concept of “human rights” was respected, it´s not part of the equation. Poor people had “human” rights thousands of years ago? I am not by any means an expert in history; but I would say, most of the actual “empires” are on a basis of total lack of respect for individual rights.

How is it possible that 1.5 billion people are kept under control so they don´t take over the status quo? It´s a mystery for me. But the future is unpredictable and can be really surprising. Things can change. The only constant is change.

We never can underestimate how far the system can go, just to avoid that huge beast called “the masses” getting out of control. This being said, I am going to describe what is in the videos of the link I submit here. This is my personal opinion, strictly. I´m totally responsible.

Warning: The video has some strong violent scenes including female mistreating.

Expect violent measures

Never been in the military, but I know most of the uniformed forces all over the world some kind of protocol to counterattack every possible contingency.

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