Children in care can be vaccinated against their parents’ wishes without court order, UK judges rule


22-05-20 08:22:00,

A UK appeals court has ruled that children in state care may receive “routine vaccinations” even when parents are opposed, adding that no court order is needed for the shots because they are in the child’s “best interests.”

Children in foster care may be vaccinated without a court order, against parental wishes, because vaccination is not considered a “serious medical treatment” that would justify High Court intervention, a three-judge appeals court panel ruled on Friday. Absent any “significant” or “unusual” reason a shot might not be in the child’s “best interests,” the London Borough of Tower Hamlets had full authority to arrange for a nine-month-old child in foster care to be vaccinated, the judges said in their decision.

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The child was taken from his parents in September and placed into care after the government – which had previously removed children from the home due to the “parents’ chaotic lifestyle,” violence, and neglect – deemed his living conditions unsafe. While the parents had refused to have the child vaccinated, declaring the state should have no role in the raising of their son, they lost their initial case in February.

After an appeals hearing last month, the parents had already acquiesced to the state’s wishes, apparently seeing the writing on the wall and opting to allow their son to be vaccinated. However, the ruling is likely to have repercussions far beyond that case as the UK fast-tracks several Covid-19 vaccines to market.

Infant vaccinations are not mandatory in the UK, but the judges pointed out in their ruling that there was no precedent for a vaccination dispute being decided against inoculating the child and scientific opinion was largely settled in favor of the risks of not vaccinating outweighing any potential vaccine risks. Indeed, a 1989 law specifically categorizes the jabs as “preventative healthcare” rather than “medical treatment” and permits the state to arrange inoculations for children in care without consulting their parents.

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