America to end ‘era of endless wars’ & stop being policeman, Trump gives same old election promises he broke


14-06-20 09:00:00,

US President Donald Trump has declared that America will shift its focus from waging “endless wars” and being the “policeman of the world,” rehashing his 2016 campaign promises that were not fulfilled.

The US is entering a “crucial moment” of its history, the president said as he addressed the US West Point Military Academy graduates in his commencement speech. “We are ending an era of endless wars.”

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“It is not the duty of the US troops to solve ancient conflicts in faraway lands that many people have not even heard of,” he said, adding that Washington is “not a policeman of the world” anymore. That is something Trump has been promising ever since he was campaigning for president back in 2016. But has his almost four years of presidency made the US foreign policy any more peaceful?

His words come amid reports about the White House’s plans to pull out 9,500 troops from Germany – something that has already given some US allies, as well as hawks in Congress, a reason to worry about the US’ “diminishing” role on the world stage. Yet, their concerns could well turn out to be premature.

After all, Trump has so far failed to effectively pull out the US forces from pretty much anywhere. The US troops are apparently not in a hurry to leave Afghanistan – a country where America waged a really “endless” war of our age only to admit it could not defeat the local Taliban militants.

Washington signed a troop withdrawal deal with the Taliban in February, but the US forces are still there since the agreement is conditional on the intra-Afghan peace process and the talks between the insurgents and the Kabul government have been mired in setbacks.

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