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14-06-20 08:34:00,

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  • New York (video): An undercover nurse describes the fatal medical mis­manage­ment of Covid patients in the notorious Elmhurst hospital in New York City. A must-watch to understand the NYC tragedy.
  • Sweden: A series of charts shows how even in no-lockdown Sweden, and despite Sweden’s failure to protect nursing homes, total cumulative mortality remained below strong flu seasons of the past 30 years.
  • Lockdowns: An Imperial College London study claimed the lockdowns saved “3 million lives in Europe”. In reality, they simply compared the unrealistic predictions of their own model to actual developments, as the case of Sweden makes evident.
  • Face masks: A German study claimed face masks reduced infections, but in fact showed the opposite: they made no difference (p. 26/28). The city of Jena is an ‘exception’ only because it introduced Germany’s strictest quarantine rules at the same time.
  • Mass gatherings: Another German study claimed to show the effectiveness of government measures, but in fact showed the very opposite: the growth rate fell sharply long before the lockdown, school closings, and even the ban on large gatherings.
  • Contact tracing: Inside the NSA’s Secret Tool for Mapping Your Social Network
  • Switzerland: 40% of workforce in short-time working, the highest value in Europe.
  • Switzerland: The 26 members of parlia­ment that voted against the introduction of a national proximity tracing app.
  • Summary: Our now 30-point summary has been updated and expanded (German).

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