Martin Armstrong: Is Defunding Police The Right Choice Or The Next Step In Revolution?


16-06-20 09:21:00,

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All of the protests making this a racist issue have distorted the real problem which remains immunity created by the Supreme Court.

We must look at these protests in their historical context for calling them simply racist rather than abuse of power hides them from the view of these events forming part of a revolutionary cycle. We must step back and look at these events not in the context of simply race or those who have exploited this to simply loot stores. The central position is one of police brutality and the lack of any accountability.

There are more whites killed by police than blacks which further illustrates that this is not a racist problem but one of no accountability because of this qualified immunity which is not supported by the constitution. This should not be Black Lives Matter, but ALL Lives Matter. The riots have spread worldwide as in Paris over police abuse further illustrating that the core issue is the fact that governments are not accountable to the people.

Why has this one incident cascaded into a global contagion? Because of this COVID-19 virus abuse of locking people down which has resulted in people losing their jobs which has exceeded 300 million on a worldwide basis, this provides the incentive to protest regardless of the incident. Following the Panic of 1837, massive unemployment took place and this was the period when the Irish immigrants where fleeing to the United States. This resulted in actual gun battles on the streets in Philadelphia because the Irish were willing to work for less during a period of significant unemployment. It is simply human nature to rise up during economic declines.

During the Great Depression, it was the Bonus Army where veterans were demanding their promised bonuses. The Hoover government sent in the troops even with tanks in 1932 to force them to leave. We saw the same with the Coxley’s Army which was the march on Washington following the Panic of 1893 and massive unemployment. What the governments have done with these lockdowns have set the stage for these protests.

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