“Normal” Isn’t Coming Back, Prioritize Your Mental Health: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix


16-06-20 09:15:00,

I wouldn’t invest any emotional energy in the hope that things will eventually return to normal. They won’t. The good news is that what we think of as “normal” is actually as crazy as a species could possibly be, and we may in fact be clumsily stumbling toward actual sanity.

Speaking of which, please prioritize your mental health at this point in history. Like, really, truly prioritize it. Things are only going to get more unusual and confusing from here on out, and you’ll need to keep your feet underneath you.


Keep truthfully saying what you believe to be true in each moment and eventually you will have pissed off everyone.


Me, a naive idiot: It’s a real problem how US police brutalize and kill people who don’t obey them.

Half of the entire internet: Well obviously the police are going to brutalize and kill someone who disobeys them, you naive idiot.

Me, now informed: Ah, I stand corrected.


Funny how the people who bleat “all lives matter” clearly believe cop lives matter much much more than other lives.

I swear some people have a whole other brain for thinking about police brutality. A tiny shriveled up brain they keep in the sock drawer which has a completely different system of logic and values when it comes to acts of violence committed by someone who is wearing a badge.


Most of the bootlickers defending acts of police brutality right now are really just defending the brutal way they were parented or the brutal way they parent their kids. Disobey and you deserve to be assaulted.


What did all you “don’t tread on me” types think tyranny was going to look like anyway? What is it about the government’s goon squad executing people on site for not being submissive enough that doesn’t scream tyranny to you?


Dear America,

I think part of the problem we’re all having with you is that when you said you wanted to be the world’s police, we didn’t quite understand what the word “police” means in your country.


Defund/dismantle/disarm/abolish the police: Revolutionary.

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