Why Covid “immunity passports” are bound to fail


16-06-20 08:38:00,

One of the many questionable aspects of the political response to the coronavirus pandemic – besides lockdowns, contact tracing apps and tracing corps, or mandatory face masks – is the still discussed idea of “immunity passports” to regulate participation in work and travel.

In fact, Covid immunity passports are bound to fail, simply because antibody tests can detect at most 20% of all infections, as the pioneering research by Professor Onur Boyman has shown.

Professor Boyman’s group found that most people neutralize the new coronavirus with their mucosal (IgA) or cellular (T-cells) immune system while developing only mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. It is for the exact same reason that the new coronavirus is likely up to five times more common – and less deadly – than previously assumed.

Our esteemed reader, US entrepreneur and noted corona critic, Elon Musk, already knows this. What about Bill Gates?

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