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22-06-20 08:42:00,

Will the ”Gate(s)keepers” of the so-called Corona-pandemic force a vaccination upon us, without which we will not be allowed to return to normality? What is really meant by the ”new normality”?

It is these questions that are intensely debated at the moment: there are speculations, insinuations, then again denial.  Resistance is rising among the population, if anything, out of a sense of premonition. 

According to Dr. Claudia von Werlhof, sociologist and political science professor, the central issue in this entire debate has not even begun to be touched.

The current events should be viewed in a much larger context. In her analysis, she anticipates a variety of scenarios, all of which are following an already existing, much larger ”plan”– belonging to the field of ”transhumanism”, the seemingly unavoidable paradigm of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Unless….


”We are human beings and not machines!” shouted one of the speakers during the May 1st demonstration in Vienna, receiving applause from the crowd. In fact, all the measures taken against the Corona virus could be summarized under this motto:

we are asked to behave as if we were not human beings, but machines.

We are discouraged from having any empathic feelings towards one another, thinking our own thoughts, speaking our minds, or acting spontaneously. Least of all should we be singing, dancing and exercising together, or even rising up together. We should not be close to each other, definitely not touch each other and in the whole get out of each other’s ways. We should be leaving the elderly alone and indoctrinating our children with the idea that they represent a threat to grandma and grandpa, so they too may already learn what it is like to be a machine –   without any empathy.

As such machine-like human beings, the only emotion we are allowed to maintain and are even encouraged to have, is the feeling of fear. Fear of the virus because the virus could be harmful to us, as a ”pest“, and as all those who have to be considered as potential carriers of it.

In this way fear settles in; fear of not following the instructions carefully enough to protect ourselves from the ”pest“ – via the constant pushing of the hygiene message – handwashing,

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